Unique Pretzels Extra Dark Splits

Unique Pretzel Bakery of Reading, Pennsylvania has pretzel baking roots dating all the way back to the late 1800’s. Today they’re best known for their pretzel “splits”, most notably their wonderful Unique Pretzels Extra Dark Splits …

Unique Pretzels Extra Dark SplitsNow run by the sixth generation of the Spannuth family, Unique Pretzel Bakery still uses the same time honored recipe, and with good reason. We’re not certain if this is how the company got their name, but their baking process is indeed unique …

Splits are as much a cracker as they are a pretzel. The process begins with letting a raw pretzel set to perfection and then placing it into the oven. The pretzel bursts open while baking, creating a canvas of crispy, crunchy bubbles and cracks. The end result is a split open pretzel that’s unlike any other on the market …

Unique Pretzels Extra Dark Splits are created via the same process, except they’re cooked a little longer for a darker, almost “well done” finish. The baking procedure allows the inside of the pretzel to remain light and crunchy while the outside is dark and flavorful …

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In addition to the dark splits, Unique Pretzels makes several other varieties, including multi grain splits, extra salt splits, unsalted, and more. They also offer Pretzel Shells, a one of a kind product that’s just the crispy outer shell of the pretzel without the traditional pretzel filling …

Find out more about all the Unique Pretzel products at their website. As far as dark pretzels go, Unique Pretzels Extra Dark Splits are the only dark pretzel of its kind we know of. They’re excellent for dipping into mustard sauces or any type of dip for that matter – they stand up well to dipping and the distinctive dark flavor profile contrasts nicely with your favorite mustard!

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Interview With Unique Pretzel Bakery’s Tamra Pokrywa

We’re delighted to bring you more information about Unique Pretzel Bakery and their wonderful Extra Dark Splits, courtesy of Tamra Pokrywa. Tamra is Unique Pretzel Bakery’s Marketing Manager and she was kind enough to take a few moments to answer our questions …

The interview starts below. Our questions are in bold and Tamra’s responses are in quotes immediately following each question … enjoy discovering more about Unique Pretzels Extra Dark Splits!

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, Tamra. As you may know, there are only a handful of pretzel makers who make a “dark” pretzel. What prompted you to venture into this product and how long has Unique Pretzel made dark pretzels?

“We’ve been making Extra Dark “Splits” since 1975. Customers really liked some of the darker Original “Splits” and requested we make them all darker, so we did.”

Your pretzel “splits” are also unique. pardon the pun. Can you explain for our readers the process of how they’re made? Why are they called “splits”?

“During our “Unique” baking process, we let the raw pretzel set to perfection. Then, when ready, the pretzel is placed in the oven where it “splits” open, creating bubbles and crevices that are crunchy and full of flavor. With our slow-baked artisan process, each and every “Split” is Unique.”

Our understanding is the difference between the “dark” and the “regular” is simply the result of the pretzel being baked for a longer time. Correct?

“That is correct. The Extra Dark “Splits” are left in the oven just a bit longer to give you a bold, charred taste.”

We love Unique Pretzel Dark Splits. Can you tell us how popular they are, meaning, how do sales generally compare to your regular pretzel splits?

“Unique Pretzels Extra Dark “Splits” are one of our most popular products, just behind our Original “Splits” and Shells.”

Can you tell us about the distribution of Unique Pretzel Extra Dark Splits? You’re a Pennsylvanian company, is retail distribution typically focused in the eastern states of the U.S.?

“You can find Extra Dark “Splits” nationwide, distribution is limited in some states, but you can always order Extra Dark “Splits” from Amazon or through our website UniquePretzels.com.”

Finally, can you tell our readers a little about the company? How large is the company, how many do you employ?

“Unique Pretzels is a six generation family owned business with a lean crew of team members (somewhere around 50), but we are growing. We make pretzels with More Flavor, Fewer Ingredients, and Smarter Baking.

We are a company with rich history and German heritage based in the heart of the Pretzel Capital of the World – Pennsylvania. Although our business started in eastern Pennsylvania, our distribution is rapidly expanding throughout the country. We have industry experience dating back to the 1800’s and are snack innovators.

Unique Pretzel Bakery created the Original split-open Pretzel, the first hollow pretzel, and the first 100% Sprouted Whole Grain Pretzel. We have been perfecting our recipe for years, but we don’t add preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, malts, or sugars.

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We use the highest quality all-natural ingredients to produce a snack that you can feel good about eating. Our “Splits”, Shells and Sprouted lines are all Non-GMO certified and our Sprouted Whole Grain line is organic. Our Unique slow-baking process also sets us apart. We stand by our recipe and our baking process and we strive to continue to deliver high-quality snacks to satisfy every pretzel lover.”

Thanks again to Tamra Pokrywa, Marketing Manager of Unique Pretzel Bakery, for her insight into the company and specifically, Unique Pretzels Extra Dark Splits!

P.S. – Do you know of any other companies making dark pretzels we don’t have listed on our site? Reach out to us via our Contact page …