Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels

We love discovering snack food manufacturers who offer dark potato chips or dark pretzels, and in the case of Uncle Jerry’s Dark Pretzels, it’s the latter …

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Uncle Jerry’s Dark Pretzels may be somewhat hard to find on retail shelves, but they’re well worth seeking out!

Uncle Jerry's Dark PretzelsBased just outside of Lancaster, PA Uncle Jerry’s has carved out an excellent reputation for their ultra tasty dark pretzels.

A family owned company, Uncle Jerry’s has been around since the early 1990’s and they’ve got quite the lineup sure to please any pretzel lover …

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Whether you like traditional pretzels, oat bran pretzels, or chocolate covered pretzels, Uncle Jerry’s has you covered. In addition to their two varieties of dark pretzels, the company makes whole wheat pretzels, lite pretzels (baked to a lighter color / finish) and pretzel themed gifts ….

Specific to the dark pretzels, Uncle Jerry’s offers both low salt and regular salt. If you like to buy retail, visit the Uncle Jerry’s website and check out the “Store Locater” feature. It’ll show you the location closest to your city or town where you can buy …

Interview With Misty Skolnick – Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels

We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with Misty Skolnick of Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels. Misty was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about Uncle Jerry’s Extra Dark Pretzels (their official name) and more. Our questions are in bold and Misty’s responses are immediately below each question. Enjoy discovering a bit more about Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels!

Thanks for doing this interview, Misty. So we have to ask, who exactly is Uncle Jerry?

“Uncle Jerry is my dad. He was born and raised in Philadelphia and now lives in Lancaster County where the pretzels are baked. He started the business 30 years ago; before that he was a taxi driver. My dad’s a bit of an adventurer who loves being out on the road. Till this day he still drives throughout the mid-Atlantic two or three times per week to hand deliver customers their pretzels.”

Uncle Jerrys Dark Pretzels

Look How Good These Look!

Dark pretzels are such a unique snack item and as you know, not every pretzel manufacturer makes them. How long has Uncle Jerry’s been producing dark pretzels and what prompted the company to include them in your product line?

“Dark pretzels are definitely one of a kind. People love their food well done! Customers kept asking for a burnt version of our Specials, our flagship traditional medium brown pretzels. Jerry took in the feedback from our pretzel lovers and with that the Extra Dark variety was born over 20 years ago. Our customers absolutely love them because they are our best sellers!”

What’s your most popular pretzel??

“Uncle Jerry’s Extra Dark Pretzels (regular and low salt) are our most popular pretzels. Our milk and dark chocolate peanut butter pretzel bites come close in second as a customer favorite (available October to April).”

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We’ve always wondered about the shape of pretzels … how do they get their shape, is it a handmade process or is it automated?

“Our pretzels are made by hand, from start to finish. The dough is hand rolled and hand twisted – no automation for us! You can see our pretzel making process at our Instagram (@unclejerryspretzels).”

We noticed Uncle Jerry’s makes Lite pretzels as well. As we understand it, they’re baked a shorter time so their outer “finish” is a lighter color. Tell us why Uncle Jerry’s decided to create a Lite pretzel?

“At Uncle Jerry’s we’re big on listening to our customers. Like the Extra Dark variety, the Lites were created based on customer requests. All of our pretzels are baked in a stone hearth oven, but the Lites, also a sourdough pretzel, have a lighter finish. It filled a small specialty market niche.”

Tell us about your distribution in case our readers want to buy retail. We notice you’re generally in Whole Foods stores across the country?

“Yes, you can find us at many Whole Foods. Great news for pretzel lovers – starting in June 2018, Uncle Jerry’s will be widely available in the mid-Atlantic, Southwest, and Midwest regions of Whole Foods. We’re also in specialty grocery stores and markets throughout the country. You can find a store close to you on our store locater (www.unclejerryspretzels.com/store-locator/). We do our best to keep the list up to date but still recommend contacting the store to make sure they have your favorite varieties.”

Finally, if their favorite store doesn’t carry Uncle Jerry’s Dark Pretzels, what should our readers do?

“The first thing to do is talk to the grocery manager and request Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels! The best way to see our pretzels in your favorite store is to simply ask for it. All retailers want to make sure their customers are satisfied. We ship across the country and welcome the opportunity to make Uncle Jerry’s available to everyone. If that doesn’t work, all of Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels are sold on our website and can be shipped to your home or office.”

Thanks again to Misty Skolnick for sharing more information about Uncle Jerry’s Dark Pretzels!

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