Poker Mix

Poker MixWith a name like Poker Mix, this snack just HAS to be great, right??

Well, right you are. Poker Mix is not just for card games, it’s a fantastic “any time” snack. We just love it, and that’s why it’s featured here on …

What’s In Poker Mix?

This appealing snack is the ultimate combination of sweet, salty, and tangy. Offering just a touch of spice, it won’t overwhelm you or have you constantly reaching for a drink.

Open up a jar and here’s what you’ll find waiting for you inside:

– Pretzels
– Rice Crackers
– Honey Sesame Chips
– Wasabi Peas
– Cajun Corn Sticks
– Chili Cheese Corn Nuggets

As you can probably guess, each ingredient brings something to the table. Pretzels bring the salty. Honey sesame chips add just a touch of sweetness. Finally, wasabi peas, Cajun corn sticks, and chili cheese corn nuggets bring an eye opening jolt of tangy …

As an added bonus, Poker Mix is cholesterol Free and Trans Fat Free. Just as importantly, it’s delicious – a one of a kind taste treat!

If you’re curious about the spices in this unique snack, here are some of them:

– Chili Powder
– Wasabi Powder
– Paprika
– Green Bell Pepper Powder
– Wheat Flour and Sunflower Oil

Poker MixThe photo at right shows a close up look at a bowl of Poker Mix to give you a “virtual taste: …

We hear people describe Poker Mix as a perfect something-for-everyone snack, and we agree!

Here’s where you can buy Poker Mix, along with a whole bunch of other unique, hard to find snacks …

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