Mrs. Fishers Dark Potato Chips

Mrs. Fisher’s is a Rockford, IL institution, and they’ve got an under the radar product we’re proud to tell you about – Mrs. Fisher’s Dark Potato Chips …

Mrs. Fisher's Dark Potato Chips

Mrs. Fisher’s Potato Chips Outlet Store

The business has been making potato chips and other snacks since 1932 and are one of two potato chip companies in Rockford. They are Rockford’s only manufacturer of dark potato chips and we love them …

Perfectly salted, Mrs. Fisher’s Dark Potato Chips tend to be hearty, large chips with the sturdy texture a good chip should offer. They’re sold in select area stores and are available from the Mrs. Fisher’s factory store on Fulton Avenue in Rockford, just two minutes west of the Rock River. Fulton Avenue intersects with Route 2, which is Main Street in Rockford. Mrs. Fisher’s is just a couple blocks west of Rt. 2 (Main Street) on the north side of the street.

Mrs. Fisher’s has been making dark potato chips for the last ten or so years. They use Idaho grown russet potatoes for their dark chips, as the Idaho russet spuds tend to be a bit higher in sugar content, a key for making dark chips. As with most potato chip makers, the birth of the dark chip was a combination of accident and word of mouth …

Every so often, a potato with higher sugar content would make its way into a batch of Mrs. Fishers Chips. These higher sugar content potatoes, typically russets, are the genesis of dark potato chips. Customers would occasionally notice a dark chip or two in their bag of regular chips …

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Feedback to ownership confirmed people loved the dark chips and it got to a point where customers began asking for bags of only the dark chips … and a new product was born!

Mrs. Fishers Chip Display

We’ve explored the availability of Mrs. Fishers Dark Potato Chips with the company (see the Mrs. Fisher’s exclusive interview below). Regardless of whether or not you can find them at northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin retailers, they’re always available online at their website or on site at the Mrs. Fishers outlet store in Rockford …

Some of Rockford’s Gems …

If your travels take you anywhere near northern Illinois, make it a point to stop at the Mrs. Fishers factory in Rockford and pick up a few bags of chips. Just a few blocks west of the outlet store is the best specialty meat market in Rockford, the delightful Pinnon’s Market, which has also been around for decades …

Mrs. Fisher's Dark Potato Chips

Mrs. Fisher’s Frequent Buyer Card

Pinnons offers fresh prime cuts of meat, sausages, bakery, deli items, and even fresh beef shank bones for your dog! And if you’re thirsty, the friendly neighborhood Latham Tap is located right in between Mrs. Fishers and Pinnon’s. Latham Tap grills up fantastic burgers and their meat is from Pinnon’s …

Three can’t miss stops in Rockford, Illinois! Stop at the outlet store for a bag or two of Mrs. Fisher’s Dark Potato Chips and then wander down the street to Pinnon’s and Latham Tap. You’ll thank us later!

Mrs. Fisher's Dark Potato Chips

NEW! Exclusive Interview With Mrs. Fisher’s VP Chris Spiess

Chris Spiess, Vice President of Mrs. Fisher’s in Rockford, IL graciously agreed to answer a few questions for us at …

Below is our interview with Chris – our questions are in bold italics and the answers are below each question:

Check Out The New Packaging!

Thanks for doing this interview, Chris. We love Mrs. Fisher’s Dark Potato Chips – can you tell our readers how long the company has produced them?

“Mrs. Fisher’s has produced the dark chips in small quantities for only the last 10 years out of the 86 years we have been in business.”

Mrs. Fisher’s is one of only a few companies producing dark potato chips. We actively seek them out and presume other potato chip lovers do as well. Is your dark potato chip production there at Mrs. Fisher’s a regular thing, i.e. regularly scheduled, or are the dark chips an “occasional” or seasonal item?

“Over the last several years the production was on small/ limited basis, consisting of 200-500 pounds of potatoes at a time. However, as of May 2018 we started marketing these bags in all the Rockford/ Northern, IL area grocery stores. This means we now produce up to 2,000 lbs of potatoes at a time.”

We’re told the dark chips are the result of a special type of potato used and it has nothing to do with cooking the chips longer. True?

Mrs. Fisher's Dark Potato Chips

Mrs. Fisher’s Dark Potato Chips

“Dark chips are a product of using Russet potatoes. The sugar content is higher, and during the frying process the sugar caramelizes, and darkens the potato.”

Mrs. Fisher’s is a Rockford institution, having been around since 1932. That’s quite an accomplishment in this day and age. How big is the company, how many do you employ?

“Our Company currently has 12 employees, and they are the best group of people you could ever ask for. It’s more like family…. that actually gets along with each other…… the company itself has a span of 30 miles that we sell our product directly, and our four distributors carry the product out another 50-70 miles outside of that.”

We buy Mrs. Fisher’s dark chips at your factory outlet store on Fulton Avenue there in Rockford (we stop every time in town). Is there any other way to buy them, i.e. online and are there any plans for larger retail distribution of the dark chips?

“The dark chips can be purchased at our website and also at the factory store. Recently, we expanded distribution to grocery stores in the Rockford area and southern Wisconsin.”

Mrs Fisher's Dark Potato Chips

Mrs. Fisher’s Display – Pinnons Market

Finally, is there anything else you’d like to tell our readers about Mrs. Fisher’s (new products / promotions / news etc.)?

“We now have dark chips in nearly all grocery stores around northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Mrs. Fisher’s is still a small and locally owned company. We have no plans to be a nationwide company. We all enjoy the work that we do here, and we wouldn’t change it for anything!”

Many thanks to Chris Spiess, Vice President of Mrs. Fisher’s Chips, for his time in answering our questions. We’re so pleased to hear about the increased distribution for Mrs. Fisher’s Dark Potato Chips!

New From Mrs. Fisher’s – 2019 & Beyond

Mrs Fishers Dark Jalapeno ChipsWe recently paid another visit to Rockford and stopped in at Mrs. Fisher’s outlet store on Fulton Avenue. Good news! This innovative Rockford business has just introduced a new twist on their dark potato chips … Jalapeno Seasoned Dark Chips!

Chris Spiess tells us this variety has been in development for several months. “We tested a new jalapeno spice mix and tweaked the recipe several times before settling on a final mix,” said Chris. “Everyone who tasted the chips said the jalapeno flavor matches up best on our Mrs. Fisher’s Dark Potato Chips, so that’s the route we went.”

The brand new Mrs. Fisher’s Jalapeno Dark Potato Chips are now on the market, available at both the outlet store and in retailers in the greater Rockford area. “The biggest challenge is keeping them on the shelves,” Chris noted. After sampling and bringing home a few bags, we can see why – they’re great!

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These new chips offer a slightly spicy alternative to their traditional dark chips and pair well with creamy dips. The chips are kettle cooked, so they’re sturdier than most chips and can stand up to dips, sauces, and more …

We’re so pleased with the continuing innovative success of Mrs. Fisher’s, a legendary Rockford, IL proud tradition since 1932!