Here’s a list of websites of interest to dark potato chip fans, and snacking fans in general …

We’ll add to the list over time as we come across sites with the “it” factor!

Farm To People Snack Program: This company curates a varied selection of interesting and unique snacks and other foods, making them available to consumers who can’t buy them retail due to availability …

We order from here frequently. They’re a good source for a few brands of dark potato chips we can’t find retail in the Chicago area. They’re big supporters of small independent producers across America, which automatically gets the “thumbs up” from us.

One of the dark potato chips they usually have access to is the hard to find Stuart and Co. Dark Russet Chips. They also have a cool loyalty program so you can build up points for free stuff!

Potato Pro: Everything about the potato industry in North America. Growers, producers, industry trends, news, statistics, and more. The definitive potato industry resource site.

They link out to companies in the potato industry in their paid listings. We inquired about a link to our site but were turned down because the webmaster seemed to think dark potato chips were burnt and therefore unhealthy (wrong). Oh well, what’s the old saying, it’s better to give than receive and that’s why we list them here.

If you know of other dark potato chip related sites we should list here, reach out to us at our contact form