Billy Goat Dark Russet Potato Chips

St. Louis, Missouri is a foodie town. The city is known for local specialties like toasted ravioli, St. Louis style pizza, Mississippi River catfish, and Billy Goat Dark Russet Potato Chips

If you’re unfamiliar with the chips we mention, let’s explore the reasons why they’re becoming so well known!

Restaurant to Potato Chip Company

Billy Goat Dark Russet Potato Chips

Billy Goat Dark Russet Potato Chips

The Billy Goat Potato Chip Company has a history unlike most other snack manufacturers. They actually started out as a restaurant in 2002 named The Billy Goat Restaurant & Bar. A popular place, the restaurant was well known for serving inventive bar food using creative twists on traditional favorites …

One of the menu’s most popular items was a house made potato chip, cooked with skin on russet potatoes. The chips were served a deep golden brown (as shown in the photo), darker than standard store bought chips. Seasoned with a mix of salt, onion and garlic powders, and finished with a sprinkle of cane sugar, the chips became the restaurant’s most popular item, essentially by accident …

After a successful seven year run, the restaurant’s owners took a step back and analyzed their business priorities. They correctly saw an opportunity with their house made potato chips and closed the restaurant to focus strictly on potato chips. The Billy Goat Potato Chip Company was born in 2009. Now approaching their ten year anniversary, the business has proven to be a great success!

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All About The Chips

To be clear, Billy Goat Dark Russet Chips aren’t specifically labeled as “dark” chips. However, they are made from russet potatoes, which carry a higher sugar content than other potatoes.

Billy Goat Dark Russet Potato ChipsWhen a russet chip is cooked, the sugar caramelizes. This caramelization process turns the chips a deeper dark brown color as opposed to standard potato chips. So, even though they’re not officially labeled as a dark chip, that’s essentially what they are!

Billy Goat Chip Company offers three different varieties of the chips, two of which are made with russet potatoes. The best known is their Original style, followed by Kicker, for those who like their chips with added spice and heat. Finally, the company offers Sweet Potato Chips, with more flavors in the planning stages …

Honest Packaging

The company is also proud to tout their “Honest Packaging” philosophy, which potato chip lovers will appreciate. Most chip manufacturers use packaging larger than the quantity of chips within the bag or box. As a result, more breakage occurs during shipping since the chips shift around easier with added space within the package …

Billy Goat Potato Chip Company matches chip quantity and weight with packaging size. This means less breakage and a bag full of intact chips!

Billy Goat Dark Russet Potato Chips – How To Order

The Billy Goat Potato Chip Company is committed to freshness. Since no preservatives are used in packaging, the chips have a normal shelf life of eight weeks unopened. If you’re looking for them in retail stores, your only choice are outlets within a few hours drive of metro St. Louis. For example, we live outside of Chicago and they’re not available in stores here …

Your best bet is to order online: Order Billy Goat Dark Russet Potato Chips – Click Here

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